August Update.

Well it's August 2008 and the year is 1/2 over. It has been a very busy year for the Lovin' Spoonful and 6 months yet to come. So far our travels have included a week in Canada in January and two week long cruises in January and March. We have been from S. Florida to Northern California and New York to Southern California. It is surprising how many people the Spoonful's music have touched over the years and from coast to coast we love to hear from our fans about how well our music has endured and touched their lives.
While still in the process of getting the Lovin' Spoonful store up and running we welcome any feedback from our fans as to what they would like to see available for purchase on the website. Two of the most popular requests are for T-shirts and being able to download individual songs. We are working on delivering those items and would be open to other suggestions as well.
When not on the road the members of the band have been very busy with projects of their own and just last June, John Sebastian was inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame where he and Steve played three songs for the induction ceremony at the Marriott Marquis on June 19. Joe has been busy writing new songs and recording them and Jerry has kept Willow Sound busy with several ongoing recording projects including producing Catherine Guard, the daughter of The Kingston Trio's Dave Guard and an album of hammered dulcimer music by Dennis Lee. Mike of course keeps several hats on with his marketing and sales business as well as acting as the Spoonful's liaison to our booking agency Buddy Lee Attractions. In addition Mike will be drumming on 8 tracks of the upcoming release by NY rocker Richie Scarlett "The Emperor of Rock". Richie has been the guitarist for Ace Frehley, Sebastian Bach and the Alice Cooper Band. Mike will also be recording with Cryan Shames founder and songwriter James Fairs. Phil of course is the proprietor of the best little ole music store in the Ozark mountains " Guitarsmiths" in his hometown of Harrison, Arkansas and that keeps him totally busy when he's at home.
Well at age 43 the Spoonful is still not slowin down. We will probably play 30 dates this year and maybe more. Our booking agent Steve Peck recently rejoined the Buddy Lee Attractions agency in Nashville and we are as excited as he is about this.So look to our touring calender on the web site for upcoming additions to the schedule. We also will post selected photos that fans send in, so either mail them to Steve Boone at POBox 2352 Leland, NC 28451 or email them to .jpgs preferred. The Spoonful wishes you all a great rest of summer and remember to vote in November!

Steve Boone

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