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Spoonful of News March 2004 Who'd of thought in 1965 that 39 years later the Lovin' Spoonful would still be playing concerts across the USA. Yet here we are in 2004 on the road and still entertaining audiences nationwide. 2003 was a great year with over 30 concerts dates played and a nationally televised concert with other Folk/Rock artists on PBS "This Land Is Your Land" produced by WQED in Pittsburgh last summer. A CD of that concert will be released by Rhino Records later this year. The Spoons will also be releasing a CD of the concert we did "Live at the Lyric Theater" in Harrison AR last spring. Fans will be able to buy the CD at our concerts and soon on a merchandise page that will also offer other items for sale on our website.

We love supporting good causes and earlier this month we played in Orlando FL at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center for the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida, "Eleventh Annual Hearts of Gold Event".

Teaming up with Richard Duryea as our manager: mymanager@aol.com has turned out to be great for the band. In addition to coordinating our touring dates he is also looking into the possibility of a recording deal involving the first new material from the Spoonful in many years. All of the members of the band are songwriters and even though we do a few new songs in our live shows we have not had the opportunity to release a CD of new material and we are eager to let our fans hear what our new songs sound like. We will keep you posted on the web site as to the progress of this CD.

On the personal front everyone is keeping busy with the "other " life, Phil's store www.guitarsmiths.com is going strong supplying the needs of musicians all over NW Arkansas as well as showcasing various talents at his store on weekends. Mike, who lives in the Chicago area and likes to goof off when he's not drumming for the Spoons (just kidding), enjoys playing with two local bands and working hard running his graphic arts business. writemike@sbcglobal.net

Back in Harrison AR when home from the road, Jerry is working with his daughters Hannah and Lena on some original new songs for a possible album by The Yesters he also is pleased as can be with the birth of his second grandchild Claire born a week before Thanksgiving 2003 to his oldest daughter Kate and her husband Brian. Congrats! www.jerryyester.com

Joe who lives in Greenwich Village is finishing up on his memoirs and hopes to have it before publishers very soon. He also is writing up some songs for the upcoming political season you may hear him on a campaign commercial yet. Check out a streaming version of "Save America". howlingdog1@aol.com

Steve is working on an exciting new project with his sailboat. To find out more about this you can go to www.carlsontravel.com/encore and click the specials button. Or visit Steve at his newly launched site: www.steveboone.net. Remember to book the band contact Steve Peck at Fantasma Tours Intl. bforino@fantasma.com. Hope to see you when we come to your area!

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